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bell tower scaffold
exam of roof
bell tower 2
bell tower



Govan Townscape Heritage Initiative have been working steadily in recent years to secure the physical heritage of Govan while also seeking by their efforts to create fresh pride in the hearts of the folk of Govan not just in its history and heritage but in Govan today which is still today its own distinctive part of Glasgow. The congregation`s connection to Govan THI and Susan Hanlin its Project Manager goes back many years to the time when our minister Moyna together with Susan worked on the refurbishment of the space now occupied by Café 13. It was in the time just before Moyna`s death that Govan THI were able to offer grant aid sufficient to refurbish the roof of the ancillary building and its historic bell tower provided the congregation could raise the remaining funds to meet the contract price, which we were able to do with grant aid of £50,000 from General Trustees of the Church of Scotland supplemented by a loan from them of £100,000


The generous grant aid coming through a combination of Govan THI and Govan Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme means that by the end of this year all our external fabric will be in good heart and we should be back in the sanctuary and ancillary space ready to address the planning and fit out of the free space opened up in the ancillary building while also looking to give our hall, church office and kitchen a make- over. While those plans are exciting in themselves the real excitement is in our return and the opportunities to serve we, at last, will enjoy to offer a ministry of welcome and hospitality right there in the heart of Govan.

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