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In the autumn of 2017 with the prospect that we could see that the rot works to the sanctuary could be instructed in early 2018 the congregation were excited to trailer that long awaited return to the sanctuary by spending a modest amount of money to redecorate, refurbish and refurnish two rooms and a toilet adjoining the sanctuary. The project was planned by Fiona MacDonald and the quality furniture was acquired at bargain basement prices by her mother Sandra MacDonald. Labour was supplied across the age range and the result was not only a dramatic make-over including the provision of an accessible toilet but an uplift in morale as the prospect of reclaiming the sanctuary for worship and for the Govan community became ever more real.

As mention is made of DIY this is as good a place as any to pay tribute to the ladies of the Saturday Café who welcome the folk of Govan each Saturday to enjoy home baking and café food at value for money prices and who by their constant efforts have raised more than £30,000 to support the congregation`s return to its home.

Thank you ladies!

We have enjoyed grant aid from so many generous institutions but we have enjoyed pleasure and seen success in our self-help efforts

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