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In 2015 after the diversion which was the priority which had to be given to the works to the Church Hall we were successful under the gentle leadership of Rev. Dr. Moyna McGlynn in securing significant support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and from Historic Scotland, as it then was, for the refurbishment of the sanctuary roof and the upgrading or repair of all the associated services of gutters, downpipes, drains etc.

This was a significant contract coming at some cost to the congregation but a contract which could never have got off the ground without the combined grant of £250,000 from Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland. Others rallied round to help balance the budget and we record our thanks to them.

Just as the roof works were approaching conclusion in September 2015 we suffered a hammer blow with the discovery of dry rot in the internal timbers of the sanctuary sufficient to render the sanctuary unsafe for public use. All the external roof works were completed as per contract but now we had to plan for an extended absence from our building as well as working to address the ambush caused by the rot.

Our gratitude is owed to these good folk for their interest and support:-

The Baird Trust. The Ferguson Bequest. Garfield Weston. Scottish Churches Trust. Allchurches Trust

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