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The Narnia Experience


This was a theatre drama walkthrough experience where you entered the world of Narnia via the wardrobe and experienced a winter wonderland. We ran this event in conjunction with Govan Loves Christmas, CRAN Theatre and community groups.  We 'Yarn Bombed' Govan with lots of woollen items made for us by community groups and the local school children, we held workshops with the children and taught them how to make pom-poms and how to crochet, we decorated the gates of Elder Park, the Mary Barbour statue, the Govan Baby, the lampposts and trees (cause it's always winter in Narnia but never Christmas and its so cold even the trees wear scarves) the plan was to open on the evening of Govan Loves Christmas and the event sold out so quickly we decided to run it another 2 nights. This was the first event we did after returning to our newly refurbished building on 2nd December 2018.

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