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Church History

Our Buildings' Story: One more step along the way

Govan & Linthouse Parish Church is a union of three congregations, Govan Old, New Govan and Linthouse Church, the union having been agreed by the three congregations in 2008 and at the time of the union, with each congregation being responsible for that congregation`s building, a decision was reached by Glasgow Presbytery and the congregations that New Govan Church at 796 Govan Road should be the building which would serve the united congregation in future years.

Govan Old is now owned by a Heritage Trust and plays host to the Govan Stones while Linthouse Church in Skipness Drive serves as the current home of the Salvation Army pending the completion of their refurbishment works at Golspie Street. Following on from the completion of recent refurbishment to the Govan Cross building, we are now joyfully home. Our building lies at the heart of Govan beside the new transport hub and refurbished public realm space at Water Row and close by the proposed landing point for the new pedestrian bridge across the Clyde.

There are stories here of our buildings` journey, stories of perseverance, of upset and recovery, of leadership and of a simple determination to provide a space at Govan Cross where the congregation can serve the distinctive community which is Govan.

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