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A Wee Jaunt

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A Wee Jaunt was formed over the summer of 2018 where we decided to get to know our surrounding area better and to find out what was on our doorstep.  We met at lunchtime on Mondays and organised visits to some local places, met at the church and had 'a wee jaunt' along to the location, had a visit with them then had 'a wee jaunt' round about and chatted to people to find out what they liked about Govan, what their best memories of Govan were and what they would like to see from the church going forward.

Covid put a spanner in our works for 2020 and 2021 but we are now back up and running.  We meet on Tuesdays at 11.45 outside the church, leaving at 12pm.  Keep your eyes on the calendar, to see where we are heading.


On our first Summer some of the places we visited were: the local fire station, Planation Productions, the Riverside Museum, Ronald McDonald House, Badminton Scotland, The Caring City.

Our second summer entitled 'A Wee Jaunt 2' (see what we did there? super clever lol) started mid July and we visited: Elder Park and Library, The Men's Shed Govan, Starter Packs, Sunny Govan, The HUB, The Pearce Institute and we revisited Ronald McDonald House to see their newly completed refurbishment. 

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