We are starting back up on Monday 27th February and will run on a fortnightly basis.

Messy Monday’s, a time for families to come together, play together, eat together, learn together. This is church as you never knew it before! From 5.30 – 7.00 pm we will play games, make crafts, eat, sing and explore God’s word together.


This runs during the church service on a Sunday morning. Church runs at 11am-12pm, the children leave at approximately 11.15 and move into the hall adjoining the church.


Is a joint youth initiative where we partnership with other local churches to offer activities for local teenagers. Established in 2012, we now have two youth groups and a lunchtime drop in as well as a discipleship group. Contact Paul.


Is a follow on group from a programme that runs at Pirie Park Primary school.


A youth organisation for girls from P1 and upwards. Meet on a Wednesday at 6.30pm. There are 3 groups, Explorers P1-P3, Juniors P4-P7 and Brigaders S1-S4. Come along and join us in faith, fun and friendship. 


The 119th Boys Brigade Company meets in the Linthouse building on Skipness Drive on Friday evenings from 6pm. This company has been running for 115years and is the only company in Glasgow who still meet in their original location.


We have excellent relationships with Pirie Park and Riverside Primary schools and with Govan High. We work closely with them on class work, assemblies and offer chaplaincy services to the whole school community.


Runs during a Friday lunchtime in Pirie Park Primary for classes P4-7


Meet in Govan Cross church hall, just behind Café 13. Friday evenings from 7.00 – 9.00pm.

Govan and Linthouse
Parish Church
796 Govan Road, Glasgow,
G51 2YL

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